More Information

What number can I contact you on (+63) 9171401188
What is your email address info@submarinerdiving.com
How do I get to ElNido Either by direct flight form Manila with airswift or
fly to Puerto Princessa and then road travel to ElNido
from there. The road trip is around four to five hours
Do you provide accommodation No, but we can provide advice
Do you provide pick up from Puerto Princessa No, but we can provide advice
Do you provide pick up from airswift No, but we can provide advice
Do you provide pick up from resorts No, but we can provide advice
What will the Weather be like contact us for advise or go to  the PAGASA Weather website
What will the visibility be changes form season to season and from day to day but normally 10 to 30 meters
what is the water temperature 30c in wet season and down to 24c in dry
Can we pay by credit card not at the moment, we accept PayPal
How do we pay our deposit via PayPal or bank transfer
(swift code  BOPIPHMM, Account number 2579130418,
Irwin Randahl P Santos)
Do you accept cash on the day Yes
is there an ATM in AlNido Yes, outside the local BPI branch
Do you run seafaris Yes, from Elnido to Coron,
How many days does the seafari take Four days of diving and then the boat returns to Elnido
what certification level do I need to join the seafari to Coron The seafari caters for all levels of diving.
Can we just do two dives Yes but you will need to stay n the boat until it returns after it's third dive
What time do we get back from diving Usualy between 2 and 3pm. This depends on the daily dive sites
What fish will we see It depends on the daily dive sites we visit and time of year but could be, ????
How many divers are in the dive group Normally for a fun diver it is four to one. Discover divers are
normally two to one
Do we change dive sites if we dive with you again in the next few days We have fifteen dive sites and try to rotate around these
wherever and whenever we can
Do you have Nitrox diving Yes we do. The cost is an extra 350p pertank
Can we take non divers on the boat and if so how much does it cost Non divers are welcome on the boat. Their cost for the day
is 1,000p, this includes snorkle gear and lunch
Can we rent a GoPro We no longer rent them but there are other businesses in town that do
Do you have a photographer who will take picture of us. If so how much are the pictures We have a professional photographer join us on most dives.
Normal cost is around 1500p for around 30 pictures
Can a group of friends dive together Yes
Should I bring my own gear You can if you have it but we would recommend leaving the bigger items at home, such as BCD, Regulator and fins
due to costly and sometimes destructive air line travel
What equipment do you use We use Aqualung din regulators and BCD. All equipment is meticulously maintained
Do you hire out dive computers yes we do
Do I need a medical certificate Only if you have had a previous ailment that has impeded
your capicity to dive in the past or you are unsure of your current health status
Are meals included on the dive boat Yes, we provide lunch and snacks
Do you cater for Vegetarian Yes, just let us know the night before the dive

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