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Best Scuba Diving Resort in Palawan



The colorful warm shallow water with it’s amazing cabbage coral garden, snappers, turtles, school of barracuda and big-eye snappers hovering over like reef guardians make this the most spectacular dive site in ElNido (many say the best they have seen in the entire world). If you are really lucky sometimes big characters like Eagle Rays, Whale Shark and Mantas can be spotted, it’s perfectly suited for open water, advance open water and fun dives.



Dieser großartige Tauchplatz ist geeignet für Open Water Kurse, Advanced Open Water Kurse, Fun Divers und Discover Divers. Es bietet gesunde Korallen, riesige Felsformationen, die durchschwimmen, sowie eine reiche pelagische Fauna. Es beherbergt auch die größte Schule von Jackfischen in der Gegend. Wenn Sie Glück haben, tauchen Sie auch mit dem Schwarzspitzenriffhai, gestoßenen Papageienkopffischen, Meeresschildkröten, Einhornfischen und noch mehr Glück, wenn der Walhai auftaucht! Eine großartige Möglichkeit, mit einigen dieser Arten zu schwimmen!



Helicopter Tunnel was discovered in early 90’s by the Japanese divers located at the north west corner of the Helicopter Island with a 45 meters long. It has a sandy bottom and ceiling holes that only advance open water divers can only enter and discover this tunnel with lots of different sea slugs, frogfish, scorpion fish, moray eels and at the sandy bottom where you can find small reef fish, different types of crabs and a “electric” filament shells!



West Entalula liegt im Süden der Insel Miniloc. Die Insel unterstützt eine Tauchwand, die vollgepackt ist mit Weichfächern oder Weichkorallen und anderen Meereslebewesen wie Muränen, Orang-Utan-Krebsen, Seelöwen, Skorpionsfischen und wenn man Glück hat, können größere Fische wie marmorierte Zackenbarsche und Marmorrochen gesehen werden. Empfohlen für alle Niveaus von Tauchern.



Nat-Nat is the closest dive site to the ElNido township. It’s located on the majestic limestone Island adjacent to the town. The site is composed of sandy patches surrounded by the impressive collection of corals, nudibranchs and fish such as Spanish dancer, sea turtles, yellow tail barracuda, trigger, rabbit, trumpet anemone, fusiliers, shrimps and if you’re lucky you can see a cat shark and flying gurnard. It is also home to one of the largest sea Turtles in the National Marine park. Nat-Nat is perfect for beginners to do discovery scuba diving and experienced divers like licensed open water divers and it is highly recommended to those who wants to do the night dives.



Paglugaban is a beautiful island located in the Miniloc area. Travel time from El Nido town is about 40min depending on sea conditions. The main point of interest in this site is the amazing rock formation with numerous swim-throughs inhabited by a large variety of nudibranchs. Paglugaban is home of porcupine, puffer fish, lion fish, grouper and barramundi cod. The site goes down up to 50 meters and the dive starts by passing on narrow pathways between huge boulders. On your way to the rock formation you have the chance to glide along its coral garden where you have a good chance of seeing sea turtles.



It is called Twin Rocks because from the surface, the rock formation looks like two separated small islands. They are  actually connected underwater. Located on the North side of Miniloc island, near the famous Small Lagoon, this great dive site slopes from 10-25m and has a rich sandy bottom. This sandy area is inhabited by numerous blue spotted sting rays and ribbon tails.