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    Why Submariner Diving Center?

    Submariner Diving Center is the most and longest established dive center in El Nido and all over the Philippines for its quality service and professionalism. We are Number One in TripAdvisor since 8 years now and became number One in Philippines since 3 years.

    Our three large roomy boats give you enough room to make your trip enjoyable. We usually do 3 dives per day. Two in the morning, and One in the afternoon. Meeting time at 7:45am and we are back around 3:30 pm. For better quality service and to make your dive safe and more pleasant, we have ratio of 2 students per Instructor on board and a ratio of 4 certified divers for one Divemaster. They are divided to groups based on their experience and level. We propose sunrise dives and night dives as well. Our dive shop has also a Sports Bar and Restaurant where you can appreciate local and western food with 15 % discount.

    Why our team?

    Our team is a well trained professional outfit who work well together and are happy to share their knowledge and experience with everyone. As a group they enjoy teaching other divers how to protect and preserve the underwater world. You will be part of our daily operations and have great opportunity for practical experience. The BIG ADVANTAGE with us, you will learn from everyone in the dive shop with 7 Divemasters and 5 Instructors in house, different experiences from us the better is for your training.

    About Theory:

    At the beginning of the course you will study independently your Divemaster manual and complete the nine Knowledge Review exercises for each chapter. The exercises will be checked and revised with your instructor who will also help you with any questions you may have. To complete the theory study you will take part in the Divemaster final exam (2 sections).

    During the course you need to show mastery of different underwater and surface skills. There are several swim tests. You will learn how to demonstrate dive skills, this part of the course consists of assisting your instructor with their students. It will be your turn to help them get comfortable with their heavy dive equipment and give them tips for relaxing underwater just like when you started diving yourself.

    Need to know?

    To rent a fan-room with bathroom it costs around 10.000PHP to 12.000PHP per month and if you are looking for a proper house with kitchen and aircon the price can go up from 15.000PHP to 20.000PHP depending on the season. The best is to book accommodation for a few nights in advance. Once arrived you can have a good look around for a monthly rent that is cheaper. There are 5 ATM’s in El Nido and 2 banks. There’s also a moneychanger in town.

    You can pay by Cash, PayPal, WeChat, Alipay and Credit Card. All our prices are fixed.  Our package includes: DM Crew Pack plus certification card, your instructor fees, boat transportation, lunch on board with coffee, tea and water on a diving day and you must have Dive Computer, Knife, SMB&Reel, Mask and Booties, the rest can be provided by us.

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    PRICE : 52.000PHP

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