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    Please note that all PADI application fees are directly payable to PADI, by cheque, credit card (Best & Easy Way) or bank draft to the Examiner at the PADI IE. Consequently all cheques and bank drafts should be in Australian Dollars and should be made payable to PADI Asia Pacific.

    Due to recent large fluctuations in the value of the AUD$ we will not include these in the package to ensure you are not overcharged.

    PADI IDC Application AUS$ 267

    PADI IE Application AUS$ 930

    EFRI processing fee (Primary & Secondary Care + Care for Children) AUD$184

    PADI Specialty Instructor fee (per Specialty) AUD$106

    PADI AI application AUD$112

    PADI MSDT application AUD$144

    PADI IDC Staff Instructor AUD$173

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