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If you are planning to go scuba diving on your next holiday vacation and you are still not sure what kind of gears or equipment you may want to bring, here’s the list of all the equipment that are in need to do diving that ensure your successful and wonderful experience underwater!

Diving Mask after all, what’s the point of going scuba diving when you can’t see the breathtaking surroundings? Therefore, diving mask is the most important thing that you need to bring when you are planning to go diving.

Wet suit is an essential equipment from protecting your skin and keeping you warm.

Fins is the important component you need to do scuba diving. It allows you to give control of your movement and to propel yourself through the water with speed and agility.

Diving Gloves are made out of strong and durable materials that helps prevent punctures or stings.

Air tank or diving cylinder is an equipment used as your component for your breathing apparatus.

Regulator makes it possible for you to breath the air from your tank by converting the high pressure air to ambient pressure.

Depth gauge, Submersible pressure gauge & compass
Depth gauge is used to record the current and maximum depth reached during the dive. A submersible pressure gauge (SPG) displays the amount of gas remaining in your scuba tank or diving cylinder, while the compass is used as a proper dive navigator.

Dive Computer is used to measure how long you’ve been underwater, how deep you currently are, and how long you can stay at the depth you are in.

Buoyancy Compensator or Buoyancy Control device helps to keep you from floating up to the surface. It’s basically a vest or jacket that you wear during your dive to help you manage from buoyancy.

Snorkel are taught to carry a snorkel during the dive, but for more experienced divers, it’s usually a matter of preference. It’s an important piece of safety gear for newer or less experience divers and it can be useful when you don’t want to use up air from your tank.

Other Scuba Diving Accessories

Defogger is important to prevent your scuba mask from having a fog, so it is important to treat with a defogger before your dive.

Dive Knives are made out of stainless steel or titanium that have either a sharp cutting edge or sawing edge. They are being used by the divers to free themselves from the entangled fishing lines or underwater plants. They are also used to tap on tanks of the another diver’s attention.

Writing Slates is one of the most commonly-used underwater writing devices by divers, dive slates are pieces of white plastic and special underwater pencil attached to them. They are being used for communication or for writing down specific details about the picture you just took.

Dive Lights or Underwater Lights are carried by the divers to eliminate dark underwater surroundings aside from being used during Night Dives and Cave Dives, they also provide critical light when exploring cracks or for observing color during day dives.

First Aid Kit Smart thing to bring when you go in an adventurous activities for emergency purposes. A good medical kit should have medications for pains, allergies, wound and survival items such as emergency survival blanket.

Dive Logbook used by the divers to record their previous dives, either for safety or for personal purposes. With a various section such as header for basic information, the dive log profile to record your bottom time, maximum depth reached, and more. Other sections can be used to record your dive location, equipment you have used and the conditions during the dive, wildlife you have encountered and many things you may want to add up.