A Paradise for Divers

Group of friends completing a Padi Open Water Course with Submariner Diving Center


Scuba Diving has become a very popular activity in some of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the world. People have literally flocked to these destinations just to experience the beauty of the local marine life. The thing is, if you want to experience Scuba Diving in sensational places like these, you don’t really need to have any experience in Scuba Diving at all. Just about anyone that offers Scuba Diving services will have experienced instructors and trainers as well as the necessary safety gear to help people learn certain breathing technique. The best part about it is that none of this requires any swimming ability whatsoever! Once you hit the beach and see the turquoise water in front of you, there is no looking back.

However, if you are looking to enjoy diving away from the usual crowds, and experience a true diving paradise, then you need to visit Palawan.

Palawan is like the paradise for all divers. There may be beautiful islands with romantic beaches in the area but if you are enthusiastic about diving, then this is the place to be. You will get your own set of diving gear along with a camera to record all your underwater activities. There is a sense of discovering a whole new world when you swim through the swarms of fish and the various marine flora and fauna. There are numerous diving spots in Palawan that you should try. Here are some of the spots that you need to keep on your bucket-list:

Dimakya Island, Coron

Coron Diving

Your first diving experience won’t be complete unless you get to see some coral reefs. Dimakya Island in Coron is home to a captivating house reef that is like a hub and contains millions of both hard and soft corals. Once you put your head under water, you will feel as if you have entered a different universe. The corals are so beautiful and when there is a stretch of coral reefs with a variety of reef fishes like parrot fish, damsel, frogfishes, flying gurnards, and nudibranchs, you will wonder why you didn’t start Scuba Diving sooner. This island should definitely be on your list simply because of the coral reefs and the fishes that you find underwater.

Tubbataha Reef

Tubbataha reef

There is a reason why UNESCO declared Palawan as a World Heritage Site. The classic example for that is the Tubbataha Reef. This is almost the hub for marine biodiversity in Palawan, and arguably South East Asia, and you will miss out big time if you don’t visit this place at least once. Let’s take a quick look at some statistics of why the Tubbataha Reef is so special in Palawan: it has more than 600 species of fishes, 13 types of dolphins, 11 species of sharks, over 100 different species of birds, several species of whales, and 360 coral species. It is like a buffet of underwater flora and fauna and you will have the time of your life. Another fact that you should know before you visit the Tubbataha Reef – CNN Travel has declared this place as one of best places for scuba diving in the world. So, this pretty much justifies why there is such a craze for diving at this reef.

Apo Diving Reef

Apo Diving Reef

You must have heard about the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, right? It is the biggest coral reef in the world. Do you know which one is the second biggest? It is the Apo Diving Reef in Palawan. The lush coral fields are magical and with a continuous stretch of reefs, you will never get tired of exploring these beauties once you see all the different lighting conditions and the effect this has on the reef. You will also find occasional shipwrecks that will remind you of the good old times when pirates robbed the ships and left their treasures buried on the shores. There are a variety of underwater creatures that you will see such as the colorful fishes that will surround you all the time, barracudas, bumphead parrotfish, mantas, and small sharks. There is nothing to be worried because sharks don’t really come into the areas where people dive.

Cuttlefish Shawl, Puerto Princesa


If you are one of those experienced divers who want to get a taste of the deeper areas of the sea, it will be best to visit Cuttlefish Shawl, Puerto Princesa. This area is pretty deep and it will be better if you get a local guide who can also dive alongside you. Even just the clear blue water of the sea will provide you with some memorable eye candy. As soon as you dive in, you will experience a different color altogether, and that is because of the thousands of fishes. You will be amazed to see how colorful they are and the way they move. There is much more to see than just colorful fishes here; you will get angel fish, sea turtles, cuttlefish, and barracudas. However, you should never forget to get a guide as you may not be able to judge the depth of the sea very well.

Tagbao Island, El Nido

El Nido diving

There are various diving spots in Palawan, and then there is Tagbao Island, El Nido. This is the premier diving spot in Palawan and there are enough reasons why it has been voted the best. The island has three different reefs that are interconnected between these islands. The water is shallow around the shores but the presence of coral reefs makes it a good diving spot for all beginners. You can take your family here and have a nice time at the beach. Your children will love to see the fishes and corals underwater. Since the water is shallow, you won’t have to go in too deep. The moment you step into the water, you will literally be greeted by thousands of colorful fishes.

So there we have it, the areas to go Scuba Diving in Palawan. These places should absolutely be on your Scuba Diving list because missing them is not an option if you love Diving. In addition to these locations, you can also try visiting The Wall, in Roxas and Bulawit Bay, in Linapacan.

Before you plan your trip to Palawan, make sure you get in touch with Submariner Diving Center, one of the most reputable diving centres in Palawan. They provide all sorts of diving experiences in Palawan, from private boats to personalized diving tours, they have a wide range of options that will make you drool. They also have instructors and trainers who can guide you with your diving lessons or anything else you require. So, dive right in!