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    Best Scuba Diving Resort in Palawan

    Scuba diving in El Nido is made easy with Submariner Diving Center.

    The Refresher Dive is for those who haven’t dove for a while. It is just the Refresher you need to brush up on your knowledge and skills. One of our PADI Professional will get you in the water having fun and feeling comfortable again. It’s quick and easy, and a good way to prepare for your next PADI course.

    We are offering three dives during a full day trip. The trip starts at 8am with two morning dives at different dive spots.

    Afterwards, we will have our lunch on the boat before proceeding to our third dive spot. We will return to El Nido town around 3pm. If you would like to do only two dives you are welcome to use the time to snorkel around or just relax on the boat.


    Boat dives
    3 different dive sites
    1 Training Dive & 2 Open Water Dives

    Ratio: 2 Divers for 1 Divemaster
    Equipment Aqualung & Apex
    Fresh Lunch, Water, Coffee, Tea & Fruits


    Environmental Fee (ETDF): 200PHP(Valid 10 days)
    Dive Computer Rental 500PHP/Day
    Hotel or Airport pick-up


    Friends or partners who are Non-Divers are welcome to join us on the boat if they are accompanied by a scuba diver. Non-Divers can relax on the boat or snorkel around at the dive spots. (1.000PHP)

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    PRICE : 5.100PHP

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