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Scuba Diving in Palawan, you can expect water temperature that ranges from 79-86˚F (26 – 30˚C) and as for visibility, it depends on where you are.

Areas like Tubbataha Reef are dived via a liveaboard diving vessel while the other locations offer land-based diving.

Similar to anywhere in the Philippines, diving is usually from a bangka which is a canoe or motorized boat with two outriggers. Puerto Princesa and El Nido are located in bays and are great for new and experienced divers alike. Diving is all year round. Visibility depends on the season and ranges between 30 and 8 meters .

At El Nido, you will be able to access the Bacuit Archipelago and its stunning limestone islets and world-class beaches. A highlight here is a 130ft (40m) tunnel at Dilumacad Island which will entice more advanced divers. To experience a world class reef go diving off South Miniloc Island, you won’t be disappointed.

Those with an interest in wreck diving have two options. One – join a Seafari from ElNido to Coron. This trip will take you four days, here you will get the opportunity to experience virgin reefs with crystal clear water and unforgettable corals, both soft and hard. The last two days of diving is in the ship wrecks around Coron. Two – make a beeline directly to Coron Island at the northern tip of Palawan.

Many Japanese ships went down in Coron Bay during World War II and the shipwrecks are quite spectacular. Some can be dived by beginners but some require experience and proper certification. Dive Coron Island during December to March where visibility should be up to 50ft (15m).

In addition to the wrecks, make sure to dive at Barracuda Lake. It is a lake in a volcanic crater which has both freshwater and saltwater and there is even a deep cave that might be accessible to technical cave divers.