First Time Diver @53

“My first time diving, I decided to do my Padi Open Water dive certificate and see some of the best dive sites at the same time.

I was not sure what to expect but was pleasantly suprised at the help and clear instructions from the trainers and crew.

Flo was my instructor he was very patient and helped my as a beginner to complete the course and also show me some of the best corals reefs and multiple species on every dive.

A big thumbs up to the staff and crew, thanks Wayne xxxooooxx”

Jeff Robinson

The Best Day!

“hese guys are the best! We did some fun dives with Submariner and they didn’t disappoint . Don made us feel extremely welcome from the offset and was a great guy to dive with – very knowledgeable, super friendly and relaxed. The whole boat crew are amazing and you really feel like part of the family for the day which is really nice. We also lost our GoPro (oops) whilst diving and it floated to the top, we thought it was a gonner but the crew were so helpful in trying to find it for us – literally asking every boat we passed if they had it… turns out one did! It wouldn’t of happened with out the help of everyone on board though so thanks guys! This has been my favorite dive school yet, 10/10!.

PS they also cater for big feet!”

Perfect choice in El Nido

“Everybody here is friendly and efficient. All the diving trip have always been well organized. It’s my best memory in this vacation. I’d like to thank Elfive, this smart young guy is familiar with every diving spot, patient and passionate. When we filling the logbook, he tried to help us to recall what we’ve seen before, like a review of fish identify course, that’s interesting and helpful. And I will never forget the joke about his name. I’d like to thank Samy too. After his management, I got the chance to Nat-Nat reef after diving in South Miniloc 4 times. Yep, as you said that I’ll remember this spot forever, and I’d like to enjoy it next time. Highly recommended .


Best diving center ever

I’m so glad to have chosen Submariner diving center. The boat was big and clean, good food, and friendly staff. My instructor Rolf, was especially great! He was helpful professional, and made me feel safe and secure the whole time. I learned a lot! Best diving center ever! I definitely recommend. and hope to come back again!
Review from Sam

Outstanding Company

I completed my PADI Open Water with Submariner and the company was extremely professional, the boat was of high quality, the food good, the crew were excellent & helpful and the equipment was state of the art – I even met the owner who was very friendly. Special mention goes to Rolf who was my instructor, he remained patient and constructive throughout my course and was a true professional, he made my experience truly special. Highly
Recommend and a great company & location to do PADI qualifications

Wonderful Seafari experience

My friend and I went on their April 29 – May 2 Seafari and it was amazing!
I felt badly sick the night before the departure, so I almost didn’t go, but I’m very glad that I ended up going!
My friend and I chose to do our Advanced diving course. Our instructor Abel was awesome, he made sure we always felt safe, showed us many beautiful species underwater, and help us perfect our buoyancy. The diver masters (Jojo & AJ), other instructors (Don and Flo) and the boat crew were super nice and helpful too. The cook and his assistant cooked delicious dishes during the whole trip, we did not expect to eat that well!
We got to see beautiful reefs and wrecks from WWII, I can’t described with words how amazing that was!
Overall this Seafari was one of the highlights of our trips to the Philippines, and I highly recommend this diving center to all divers, from beginners to advanced!

The best dive experience I’ve ever had

I just finished a Seafari with Submariner and it was the best dive experience I’ve ever had. We spent four days traveling from El Nido to Coron diving some of the coolest wrecks I’ve ever seen and some seriously beautiful and mostly untouched reefs. While I could spend this review discussing the amazing wonders that lurk just below the ocean’s surface instead I’m going to describe to you the amazing people that make up the Submariner team. Quick note, this is the best way to see the wrecks as we were the first boat at each wreck every morning and had them all to ourselves.

First off, I was about to leave El Nido when I walked into their shop and started chatting with Sean, the Australian manager. He told me about pricing, the nature of different dives, and barely mentioned the Seafari. I even inquired about the competition and Sean happily and honestly answered all of my questions. There are almost no other companies out there doing this type of diving expedition. There are liveaboards that cost twice as much and then there are day dives from Coron, but no company does a 4 day expedition in which they dive reefs and wrecks and allows its participants to sleep in a bed in a local island hotel each night; there are definitely no companies that do it for this price.

Anyway, I opted to miss my flight out of the Philippines all to go on this seafari. So needless to say, my expectations were very high.

And they were met. The team aboard the boat was AMAZING. They were fun, professional, and truly worked together as a team. It was one of the best examples of cooperation between Filipino and foreigner divemasters and instructors. Everyone was equal and everyone worked hard. These guys really were the best. THE BOAT CREW was great and the FOOD WAS AMAZING. I am going to spend the remainder of this review thanking each member of the boat.

Captain Roger safely navigated us from El Nido to Coron and to all of the beautiful spots in between. He is a kind man with a big smile. The boat crew with Lawrence as the mechanic, Sammy, and Albert, was on point. They got us everywhere we needed to go safely and with big smiles. I really enjoyed Kareoke with them.
Donald was my divemaster and he truly enhanced my diving skill and practice. During this trip I dropped from wearing 3kg of weight to 0kg because Donald taught me how to control my breath and buoyancy more effectively. To note, these were not my first dives, I have sixty seven dives on my log and Donald helped me to enhance my skill that much. He was awesome.
The kitchen crew was awesome and the food was so delicious. We got the head chef form Habibi and he did a perfectly blend of Filipino cuisine suited for Westerner sensibilities. It was the first time I’ve had peeled shrimp since coming to the Philippines. Every meal was spectacular.
AJ was the trip captain and this guy is the man. He is 21 years old and has the leadership and professionalism of a very experienced trip organizer and guide. He is funny, professional, and extremely helpful.
The rest of the diving team were extremely helpful, outgoing, and caring as well. Even though they weren’t my dive leaders they were always there to help. Thank you Flo, Abel, JoJo, David, Donald, and everyone else who made this trip possible.

Definitely go with Submariner. They were awesome in every way. I’d give them 7 stars if i could.

Also, if you want to see the wrecks the right way, you have to be the first ones there.

Awesome Seafari from El Nido to Coron!

My friend and I just completed a 4-day 3-night Seafari from El Nido to Coron, with overnight stays in Linapacan and Culion, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience! We dove 12 beautiful and varied sites with qualified and professional diving instructors and dive masters. The boat staff was so helpful and efficient and made the experience all the more enjoyable. The food was always fresh and so delicious! A special thanks to our advanced diving certification instructor, Abel, for his helpful guidance throughout the process, and to Jojo, Don, Flo and AJ for contributing to the awesome diving experience as well.
We highly recommend this activity!

Excellent diving experience.Very professional staff and crew.. there’s a reason why they’re #1 Diving Center in Palawan

If you’ve always wanted to try diving but reluctant on where to go for your first-time, Submariner Diving Center is definitely the place for you. Staff/crew are very knowledgeable, highly experienced and will go through everything you need to know for you to feel comfortable and have a wonderful experience under water.

If you’re an experienced diver and would like to explore the magnificent marine life of the islands, the Submariner is the best diving center for any of your diving needs. With the high-quality equipments and very professional staff, who will go out of their way just to make sure you’re safe, comfortable and just have an awesome time!!!

I would like to thank the amazing diving instructors/divemasters/owner/manager– Mark, Abel, Samy and all the staff of Submariner Diving Center. There’s a reason why you guys are #1! Highly-recommended!! Will DEFINITELY come back for more great diving experience!!!!!

Luxury dive company

My husband and I went diving with Submariners and absolutely loved it! We have been diving all over the world but this was one of the best experiences!

Everything was loaded onto the boat already in the morning, so there was no waiting around, no helping them carry equipment. There was a good introduction to the crew before we left and on the journey a good dive briefing with safety points including signals and equipment.
Equipment was in good order and they even had a 15 litre tank for my 6foot 4 husband! Which was brilliant! (because of his size he goes through air very quickly!)
The food was wonderful and the dive sites were supurb!

Best of all- when you get out of the water they help you with all the equipment so you don’t have to bear the weight if it!

I would like to say a huge thank you to Errol who was a fantastic dive master- hilarious, informative, helpful and kind! Thank you!

I would strongly recommend this company!

The best dive shop in El Nido

Three of us visited here and did two days of diving. A friend of mine got a open water course and the instructor was amazing. She was very scary of water but the instructor taught her very friendly and step by step. I still don’t believe she finally got a certification!
When you visit El Nido, should try SCUBA diving. And the shop MUST be here.

Had a great time! Am happy having done my OW with Submarinar!

I had reserved with Submariner Diving Center for my Open Water Padi Certification.
I just loved it!
First, I was in touch with Samy the manager of Submariner over whatsapp before deciding to reserve there and he answered patiently to all my questions and was very nice and helpful.
Second, because of the weather (super typhoon passing over Philippines) we couldn’t dive, but as soon we could the center was very flexible about the date and yet strict about my theory (elearning), which I think is very important.
Third: The TEAM!!! The team on board consist of the captain, the helps and the dive masters/instructors were very professional. They were cool and yet very professional. They gave a great atmosphere and everybody felt relaxed and was enjoying the trip.
Abel, my teacher was very good. I could see amazing creatures that long time divers have not seen. He has eagle eyes underwater spotting so many special creatures, made sure I was safe at all time and that the team photographer took nice pictures of me (you want to keep good memories of your open water!!!).
On second day I felt so comfortable it was a pleasure diving and i’ll remember always having danced with the fishes!!!

Overall I have been very happy with my experience and will keep a great memory of Submarinar Diving Center, El Nido. I recommend them, the teachers are all very good, fun and very professional!

The manager is very nice and makes sure everything is working well. He is kind and helpful.

As a vegeterian I had no problem I enjoyed the cucumber salad, rice and veggies.

They have a photographer on board, who took great photos that will always be nice to look at!

Dining Palawan – Totally Recommend!

My friend and I dived with Submariner Diving Center recently. We both thoroughly enjoyed our dives and relaxing on the boat in between. Our dive master for all of our dives was Errol. He is awesome! I have never laughed so much under the sea. He pointed out lots of sea life and was very knowledgeable. The dive trips went smoothly and the systems they have in place make for a smooth, efficient trip. GO DIVING TODAY!

I was not excited to dive because I was a little scared but Helena convinced me. It would be stupit not dive in PH!
Diving with Helena and our master L5 was amazing (Helena want him because she was diving with him already the day before; at the end I knew why).
He was helping me with the jacket during my dive and kept an eye on me all the time.

Also all stuf on the boat was excelent, smiling and the food was delicious.

L5 thank you for an incredible day and hope to dive with you next time I come to El Nido