Fun Dive

Fun Dive

Fun dives are opened to any certified scuba diver. Fun dives allow you to dive in various dive locations in El Nido and discover the magic of Bacuit Bay underwater. We are offering three dives during a full day trip. The trip starts at 8 am in with 2 morning dives at different divespots. Afterwards we will have our Lunch onboard the boat before we proceed to our 3rd divespot. We will be back in El Nido Town around 3 pm. If you like to do only 2 dives you are welcome to use the time to snorkel around or just relax on the Boat.

Included with the fun dive packages are: your equipment, lunch, your divemaster (1 instructor for 4 people maximum). You can also rent a GoPro to create a lasting memory of your dive.

Non Divers

For a small fee, friends or partners who are non-divers are welcome to join us on the boat if they are accompanied by a scuba diver. Non-divers can relax on the boat or snorkel around at the dive stops.

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